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macOS network shared drive connection options (NFS rocks, AFP & SMB suck)

I use an aging Western Digital NAS drive and have found it harder and harder to make macOS continue to connect to its shares using AFP. Even the fixes I link above are a pain to get working reliably, due to the file system’s weird behaviour these days with plist files. On a borrowed Sierra MacBook Pro it […]

Which Firefox tab is eating my computer’s performance?

Firefox is once again the leading web browser, now that they’ve caught up with Chrome’s multi-threaded approach for tab management. Where Chrome still has an edge though is its built in Task Manager window, showing you the resource usage of each individual tab. Yes, Firefox has the about:performance page, but in my experience it isn’t […]

Roxio Toast mis-reporting DVD DL capacity – how to fix

I wanted to burn a dual-layer DVD the other day, but confusingly Toast quoted the space available as 4.21GB, where of course it ought to be 7.92GB. This was the case regardless of whether a disk was inserted. Much playing around eventually found the cause, and a solution. It turns out that one of the […]

fuse-ext2 write support flaw on ext3 journaled partitions

So I have a 1TB drive with four partitions, only two of which are ext (both ext3 journaled) and the other two are ‘not recognised’ (the drive was from a Western Digital MyBook World Edition NAS drive). Using the pre-requisite 32 bit kernel, MacFUSE 2.0.3 and fuse-ext2 0.0.7, I found the following behaviour. On connection […]

OS X 10.6 versus Lexmark MX310dn printer (or, why Apple will never build world-class online services)

TL;DR Go here to download the correct driver that Apple refuses to auto-install, preferring instead to supply an outdated, non-working one. So I recently bought this printer and set it up on my LAN. As one would expect, it was trivial to add in OS X and worked immediately. The following day however (after the […]

Annoying bug with Barnes & Noble’s Nook for Mac application (and how to work around it)

So version v3.0.0fc9774 of the Nook for Mac application has an occasional but quite annoying bug in that, on launching, it hangs at the splash screen and will not respond to input, though according to Activity Monitor it is not Not Responding, so it hasn’t crashed as such. The workaround (that I picked up from this […]

Ports used by Wi-Fi Sync (Jailbroken iPhone app)

Just a quick post to record the hard-won knowledge of just which ports Wi-Fi Sync uses for communicating with the server app running on your iTunes computer: Wi-Fi Sync 1.1a uses port 48281 (TCP and possibly UDP) WiFi Sync 2.0ß (build 97) uses port 14867 (TCP)

Locum – another step on Apple’s continuing quest to undermine OS X’s vaunted Unix underpinnings

Unix is deceptively simple. It’s file permission structure is a perfect expression of this. Simple to learn, but powerful in use. Unfortunately for some it’s just too much to get their heads around (viz “I keep trying to empty the trash but it tells me that I can’t!!11!”). Is Apple’s solution to educate the masses […]

Macintosh malware – is this really how it’s going to go down?

Late last year the Koobface worm made a certain amount of noise in the virus community as one of the first cross-platform pieces of malware seen in the wild (it propagated in part via a Java applet). Now I can’t speak for Windows (wouldn’t bother) but on Macintosh it couldn’t do zip without the user […]

The Mac-becomes-an-iPhone Lockdown – Phase Three

So it is of course obvious to any one that the introduction of code signing in Leopard plus the recent introduction of the Mac App Store are the first two steps on the road to your beautiful Apple computer becoming nothing more than a big iPad. Here’s step three – a missive recently sent out […]