So I have a 1TB drive with four partitions, only two of which are ext (both ext3 journaled) and the other two are ‘not recognised’ (the drive was from a Western Digital MyBook World Edition NAS drive). Using the pre-requisite 32 bit kernel, MacFUSE 2.0.3 and fuse-ext2 0.0.7, I found the following behaviour.

On connection to USB, I’d see a warning message that the drive was not readable and an offer to Initialise or Ignore. This seems reasonable given that no partition on the drive is supported by OS X out of the box. I chose Ignore, then issued the following fuse-ext2 command to mount the partition of interest:

fuse-ext2 /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/nas -o force

The drive mounted normally and I could edit files. I could unmount, remount and find my changes still present.

However upon reattachment to a linux system (the WD NAS drive running busybox) I would find that my changes had been mysteriously reverted or, on a couple of occasions, the edited file would be truncated.

I am assuming that the cause of this behaviour is the stil-buggy read-write support in fuse-ext2. I found the exact same behaviour if I used the rw+ option instead of force.

The workaround I found was to mount the drive, unmount it and remount it; all changes made during the second mount session would then persist.

Hope this helps someone else out – what disquiets me is that despite a fair amount of searching out there on the interwebs I didn’t find any other posts or comments from anyone experiencing similar change-reversion issues on writing; surely its not just me!