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Backing up ZFS datasets from Linux to FreeNAS (TrueNAS Core)

A FreeNAS box (okay, TrueNAS Core as we should now call it) is an ideal place to perform set-and-forget, reliable backups of my Linux laptop, given that both devices now use the OpenZFS 2.x filesystem. This howto is not intended to be a ZFS primer – I am assuming the reader already understands ZFS terminology […]

Offsite backup with TrueNAS Core, Duplicacy and Backblaze B2

Just recording this here as a reminder to myself. I tried out a couple of backup tools to run offsite backup of my TrueNAS Core ZFS system dataset pool and settled on Duplicacy, since it seemed reliable and works with BackBlaze B2. Setting up Duplicacy was as simple as downloading the command-line executable then executing […]

OpenVPN watchdog (and Private Internet Access port forwarding) script for FreeNAS

When a VPN is running then you tend to want to be sure it is running, or else lose access to what’s at the other end of the pipe. One way to ensure this is have a script run periodically that checks that the VPN connection is up, restarting it if it is not. Running […]