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Privoxy for iPhone

Privoxy is now available for download for jailbroken iPhone, supporting all iPhones and iOS releases. Download from Sourceforge here.

Jailbroken iPhone malware

Not the first, but also probably not the last. This one bills itself as ‘Enable WebGL’ on the ModMyI Cydia repository, and whilst indeed it does use some WebGL, fundamentally it is an off-screen frame that simply reloads every time you change screen on your iPhone and earns the author ad revenue each time it […]

Bye bye iPhone

So the time came to upgrade from my ageing iPhone 3GS (just too slow with only around 100MB RAM available to the user on iOS6); here are my reasons for leaving the Apple fold and getting an Android handset. The future is always-connected-cloud-fluffiness and Apple suck so, so badly at online services. iDisk, .Mac, Mobile […]

To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak..

Following my experience earlier this year with the iKee worm (which can only infect jailbroken iPhones) I thought it’d be worth expounding upon the pros and cons of jailbreaking. Why not to jailbreak A stock iPhone is amongst the more secure computing devices out there, due to it’s security model. To my knowledge there’s not yet […]

My experience with the Ikee iPhone worm

TL:DNR summary Change your iPhone’s  root and mobile account passwords immediately after installing OpenSSH! In fact, ideally do so using MobileTerminal before installing OpenSSH. Long version So I’m pretty embarrassed. I found out in December (by complete chance) that my iPhone 3GS was infected with the Ikee worm, and had been ever since July 7th […]

Ports used by Wi-Fi Sync (Jailbroken iPhone app)

Just a quick post to record the hard-won knowledge of just which ports Wi-Fi Sync uses for communicating with the server app running on your iTunes computer: Wi-Fi Sync 1.1a uses port 48281 (TCP and possibly UDP) WiFi Sync 2.0ß (build 97) uses port 14867 (TCP)