So the time came to upgrade from my ageing iPhone 3GS (just too slow with only around 100MB RAM available to the user on iOS6); here are my reasons for leaving the Apple fold and getting an Android handset.

  1. The future is always-connected-cloud-fluffiness and Apple suck so, so badly at online services. iDisk, .Mac, Mobile Me, iCloud, iMessage – all have been beset by problems. 10 years after first dipping their toe, Apple continue to embarrass themselves with connected offerings.
  2. No matter how much Apple go on about ergonomics, their devices are too damn small. I have average size fingers and yet I make too many mistakes typing on their keyboard.
  3. The iOS feature set is severely lacking when compared with the latest iterations of Android, and even jailbreaking doesn’t get you everything any more (e.g. profiles – hello Apple? Nokia were doing this 10 years ago!!!).
  4. I’m sick of having to go through more and more hoops to jailbreak my phone and then retain that jailbroken state. As I’ve said before, it’s safer to be jailbroken than not, and Android manufacturers are open to the ideas that folk who pay for one of their devices actually own that device and have the right to do with it whatever they so choose.
  5. iOS7 looks like a child’s toy.

I’m sure I could come up with more. I’m sad to have to move elsewhere (I’m sticking with OS X so syncing is not gonna be nearly so simple) but I cannot in good conscience stay in the iOS playpen ecosystem.

For those interested in which device I’m replacing the 3GS with, I bought an HTC One. The software seems sane and the hardware looks like Apple made it!