Dropsync┬áis a must-have Dropbox add-on for Android to sync files with remote folders. Since v2.4.6 though I’ve been tracking an apparent bug on my Barnes & Noble Nook eReader, which runs Android 2.1 (the bug is not reproduced on my Android 4.1 phone). The developer is strangely silent, despite my having supplied reproduction steps and logcat extracts, so I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s just me!

The bug is as follows:

If an eBook is removed from a Dropbox folder on a remote device, whilst Dropsync correctly deletes the local eBook file it does not delete the entry from /data/data/com.android.providers.media/databases/internal.db.

The two tables where eBooks get stored in that database are ‘products’ (for purchased eBooks) and ‘docs’ (for sideloaded eBooks). In my testing I am only using sideloaded content.

Anyone experiencing similar or can offer any suggestions I’m all ears.