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Locum – another step on Apple’s continuing quest to undermine OS X’s vaunted Unix underpinnings

Unix is deceptively simple. It’s file permission structure is a perfect expression of this. Simple to learn, but powerful in use. Unfortunately for some it’s just too much to get their heads around (viz “I keep trying to empty the trash but it tells me that I can’t!!11!”). Is Apple’s solution to educate the masses […]

Macintosh malware – is this really how it’s going to go down?

Late last year the Koobface worm made a certain amount of noise in the virus community as one of the first cross-platform pieces of malware seen in the wild (it propagated in part via a Java applet). Now I can’t speak for Windows (wouldn’t bother) but on Macintosh it couldn’t do zip without the user […]

My PC killed my Mac – a sad tale of heat and industrial design

So my trusty PowerBook G4 finally turned up it’s toes after 6 years of faultless service. What happened? One warm evening the screen went black and never came back; my diagnosis is one fried GPU. So far so what; computers die every day right? What makes this different is why the poor bugger got too […]