Unix is deceptively simple. It’s file permission structure is a perfect expression of this. Simple to learn, but powerful in use. Unfortunately for some it’s just too much to get their heads around (viz “I keep trying to empty the trash but it tells me that I can’t!!11!”).

Is Apple’s solution to educate the masses about file ownership? Oh no no, if Johnny wants to delete a folder full of files he should just be able to right? Regardless of whether his account created the files right? That’s “it just works” in action right?? So what do they do? They have a helper (hah!) application with admin rights that Finder can kick off to merrily delete files that you don’t have the rights to delete. Neat huh? This aberration’s name? Locum.

A nice analysis here for those of you who grok Unix. The author makes a number of hopeful assumptions that Apple have put in the necessary checks and balances to ensure this little bugger is not misappropriated. Given the greater attention iOS has been receiving in Cupertino for the last few years I’m afraid I don’t share his optimism.