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Using ffmpeg to downmix Dolby DTS or 5.1 audio to stereo

So you have a surround sound audio file (DTS, 5.1, quadrophonic, whatever) that you want to play back on your old-skool stereo hi-fi system. It’ll play, but you only get to hear front-left & front-right of the many channels. What’s needed is a way to mix the content of those other channels into FL & […]

Configure Firefox to respect local host file domain name entries

The scenario You’ve added ‘mynasbox¬†’ to your hosts file, you want to be able to type mynasbox in the Firefox URL bar and get to its web-based config UI, but instead you’re seeing a ‘There seems to be a problem with this URL’ error message. tl;dr In Firefox about:config, set browser.fixup.dns_first_for_single_words to true to […]