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OpenVPN watchdog (and Private Internet Access port forwarding) script for FreeNAS

When a VPN is running then you tend to want to be sure it is running, or else lose access to what’s at the other end of the pipe. One way to ensure this is have a script run periodically that checks that the VPN connection is up, restarting it if it is not. Running […]

Privoxy for Android

UPDATE: Version support list It has been tried several times in the past with limited success, but now confidence is high that there is a broadly compatible release of Privoxy for Android devices. It is available at Sourceforge or here, the project’s mirror site. This release statically links all dependencies in order to be as […]

Privoxy for iPhone

Privoxy is now available for download for jailbroken iPhone, supporting all iPhones and iOS releases. Download from Sourceforge here.

To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak..

Following my experience¬†earlier this year with the iKee worm (which can only infect jailbroken iPhones) I thought it’d be worth expounding upon the pros and cons of jailbreaking. Why not to jailbreak A stock iPhone is amongst the more secure computing devices out there, due to it’s security model. To my knowledge there’s not yet […]

Facebook’s Eroding Privacy Policy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation have done some marvellous analysis of the way in which Facebook has gradually eroded it’s users privacy over the years: Facebook’s Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline In short, Facebook started out stating that your data would only be shared with other Facebook users, and then only those in groups you specified […]