Late last year the Koobface worm made a certain amount of noise in the virus community as one of the first cross-platform pieces of malware seen in the wild (it propagated in part via a Java applet). Now I can’t speak for Windows (wouldn’t bother) but on Macintosh it couldn’t do zip without the user actively clicking on a Java warning dialog (see first screenshot at this URL). I thought to myself “No worries, just one more example of how Macintosh is less susceptible to malware than leaky old Windows”.

Then I saw the graph on this recent follow-up from The Register; fully 16% of successful infections are on Macintosh. Given it’s relatively miniscule market share compared with Windows that is a HUGE infection rate! It just goes to show that the average Maccie is no smarter than any other computer user and will gaily click on any link if the social engineering is good enough ;-P