TL;DR Go here to download the correct driver that Apple refuses to auto-install, preferring instead to supply an outdated, non-working one.

So I recently bought this printer and set it up on my LAN. As one would expect, it was trivial to add in OS X and worked immediately.

The following day however (after the printer had gone to sleep) the Mac could no longer print, complaining that the printer was ‘offline’ (this was patently untrue). After blaming the printer for too long, putzing at it’s settings and gnashing my teeth, I started looking at the driver software on the Mac and in the Console logs. It became clear immediately that that was where the problem lay. Fixing it however was not as easy as it should have been..

I visited Apple’s long-standing printer info article and learnt that the Lexmark software had recently been updated with respect to the MX310dn, but thought “I just installed this printer – I don’t believe the software got updated in the last 24 hours”. So I got googling; the results amused me. One result gave me the results of searching for printer drivers at Apple’s support downloads page, which stated that the most recent download for Lexmark was V2.4. The next result however was for V3.0 Lexmark drivers for OS X, also from Apple’s Support site!

So then, Google was able to find me the Apple’s latest Lexmark printer drivers when Apple’s own site search could not. I think this is a perfect illustration of how Apple repeatedly fail in the online services space (iDisk, Mobile Me, iCloud); it’s just not in their genes.