So you’ve pulled that dusty old iPod out of a drawer and find that you’ve forgotten the PIN code screen lock. You want to get into it without resetting/restoring it or having to resync all your music? Yes it’s possible, thanks to Apple’s hilarious iPod ‘security model’:

  1. Connect the iPod to your laptop
  2. Use a file manager that shows hidden files. Obviously only macOS is a challenge here – I don’t use Finder but perhaps it still hides the iPod filesystem even if you’ve set it to show hidden files. I guess either get a proper file manager or just use Terminal?
  3. Browse to the folder <whatever the iPod is called>/iPod_Control/Device. In Terminal I typed (note forward slashes before spaces in path):

    cd /Volumes/my\ iPod/iPod_Control/Device/

  4. Rename the file named _locked to _unlocked.
  5. Eject the iPod (Close Terminal first else iTunes will complain).
  6. Yep, that really is all there is to it!