It’s as simple as the title says; Apple Music™ will delete your music. As reported here, when you sign up for Apple Music, your entire catalogue is uploaded to their servers (excepting files it considers it already has a match for), then deletes all your local files.

Update: Fortunately Apple are considering this a bug and are taking extraordinary measures to fix it.

The idea is that they’ll then stream your content to you wherever you are, but this naive premise has several dire problems:

  • if you don’t have a network connection you don’t have any music.
  • Apple are a hardware company; their DNA just isn’t suited to online services; I for one would not trust my data to their cloud.
  • If you do re-download the files they’ve deleted, more problems arise:
    • you can only do so one file at a time which is a ball-ache and would take days
    • if they matched your files incorrectly, the file you download isn’t necessarily the same version of a song you had previously
    • they do not respect file format and bit depth – if you have files in a format they don’t support (e.g. WAV) you get back a 256kbps AAC file.


In summary, teh suck :0(