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Sync music playlists to Android

tl;dr MTP sucks hard, and none of the free linux music players seem to have a reliable method for syncing a library subset (such as a playlist) to another device. rsync plus SSH plus ADB (and a little light shell scripting) to the rescue! the problem I have music in my library that is not […]

Scanning on Gentoo using a Lexmark MX310dn

SANE, the de facto linux scanning solution has only one open source driver (backend, in SANE parlance) that supports Lexmark scanner, and only a small number of USB models at that. Lexmark have released a closed-source SANE backend, available at their support site if you search for downloads related to the product you have. Unfortunately […]

Yay Bandcamp!!

Just a ¬†quick note to say props to (the pre-eminent musicians-selling-their-wares-direct-to-the-fans site), who’ve just published a note to show that they’re significantly profitable and have been for four years. This is the context of a music industry of diminishing sales, shrinking margins and even Apple suggesting that they’re going to get out of the […]

Bug in Google search autocomplete when using Google Chrome browser

Well well well. In Chrome (Version 27.0.1453.110) just go to and type “fouad el ” into the search field with autocomplete enabled (the default). You’ll find you cannot type anything further nor can you delete and in Chrome’s Activity Monitor window you’ll find that tab taking ~98% CPU. Only route forward is to kill […]

My PC killed my Mac – a sad tale of heat and industrial design

So my trusty PowerBook G4 finally turned up it’s toes after 6 years of faultless service. What happened? One warm evening the screen went black and never came back; my diagnosis is one fried GPU. So far so what; computers die every day right? What makes this different is why the poor bugger got too […]